Friday, December 9, 2011

Technical Suspension: Taking Stock

About a year ago, posting on this Blog was put on technical suspension. The current developments in the International System indicate that serious issues of serious business within International Development Cooperation raised on the Blog demand the serious attention of G20 and Non G20 Leaders in our World and that these fundamental issues are as relevant if not more relevant today than when we first brought them to the fore in the Global Public Arena a year ago. It is clear that these fundamental issues cannot be wished away, denied or ignored; if sustainable solutions to real and complex Europe Debts; World Fuel, Food, Finance, Trade, Terrorism and Climate Change and Global Recession problems on the ground facing Developed Countries, Developing Countries, International Institutions and their Partners, are to be found; fully implemented with effective monitoring, evaluation and assessment of this implementation.
We are glad that in the past year, we have continued to receive visitors to the Blog from existing list of Countries before the Technical Suspension as well as additional list of Countries after the Technical Suspension.
We wish to particularly commend the Russian Organization that has consistently followed our Blog from inception to date and also publicize our Posts. Can this Organization please contact us? We were in the past able to access their English Language Version of their Website, but are unable to do so this time.
The recent Russian Elections is a “Scar on the Conscience” of Russian Political leaders, particularly Mr. Putin. We urge Mr. Putin and other Political / Opinion Leaders within and outside serving Government, to recognize Russia’s Place as a World Power is threatened by events such as flawed Elections and Corruption etc that should not be in the character of any G8 / G20 Country. The implication is that Mr. Putin and other Russian Leaders at this time should jointly address substance not shadow; matter not form, if Russia is to evolve New Public / Civil Services fit for the 21st Century. To achieve this it is unhelpful to put blame on Russians and Non Russians who draw attention to this “Scar on the Conscience”. It is helpful for Mr. Putin and other Russian Leaders to do all in their Power to achieve Corruption Free Society in Russia as soon as possible. If this is not done, Russia will continue to dance around in underdevelopment and be unable to take its Rightful Place in the Comity of World Nations.
The fundamental issues at stake – Strengthening the Russian Economy; Eliminating Poverty in Russia; Creating Russian Public / Civil Services fit for the 21st century etc Demand Russians and Friends of Russia deploy :power of Innovation and Creativity” towards the Sustainable Solutions to real and complex Political; Economic (Trade, development, Aid, Finance); Social; Cultural and Religious problems facing Russian Governments and Peoples today.
As Europe leaders take crucial decision today Friday 9 December 2011, what they do and fail to do, will have far reaching consequences / impact / effect within and outside Europe. It is a shame that Europe Leaders continue to seek Political Solutions to complex National and Europe problems facing their respective countries with focus on Wining the Next Elections. As long as this remains the case, these complex national / international development cooperation problems cannot be solved.
The time is running out for Europe Leaders to adopt new priorities and face new direction through focus on linked Technical Solutions; Economic Solutions; Religious Solutions and Political Solutions with Focus on Righting Wrongs and Improving the Living Standards and Welfare of Present and Future Generations of Country Citizens / Europe Citizens. If they are lucky they still get to win the next elections. If they are unlucky, they lose in the next elections, but History will be very kind to them in the future and the Office of Citizen is most likely to Learn Lessons from damaging Effect of Deploying their Voting Power in Anger. In other words a set of Europe Leaders need to arise Willing to Do the Right Thing, even if it cost their Political Future at this time.
As long as there are not enough Europe Leaders in each European Country will to Do the Right thing in the Common Interest and Common Future of their Country and Europe, the probability is high that No Cure would be found to Europe Disease, should the Disease Deteriorate beyond certain levels, catastrophic consequences would be unleashed on Europe and remaining parts of our World today.
Please find links to interesting Professional debate on World Bank Governance Blog, pointing the clear way forward for Governments in any Developed or Developing Country or indeed any International Institution genuinely interested in finding sustainable solutions to real and complex National / International Development Cooperation problems on the ground challenging it. The links are relating to New Public Sector Management Approach. You may click these links to read more on the World Bank Governance Blog:-
in the First Quarter of 2012, we shall Redesign Content on this Blog and resume Regular Posting Weekly and should the need arise Daily Postings running parallel to the Weekly Postings.

Should there be a need to update this Stocktaking before Weekly Posting resume in the new year, we shall do this.

We wish Blog followers and Visitors a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2012. Despite the Gloomy Outlook for 2012, should enough Professionals adopt “Joined Up Approach” towards implementing; monitoring, evaluating and assessing the implementation of all Good ideas and suggestions harvested from the above Blog Discussions in the work towards solving National; Continental and Global Development Cooperation problems facing each individual European Country and Europe as a Continent; 2012 can indeed be Prosperous for tens of millions of Citizen irrespective European Countries and Citizens in partner Countries of these Countries and Europe as a Whole.

To achieve New International Order: Political; Economic (Trade, Aid, Development, Finance); Social; Security; Cultural and Religious – is a Task that MUST be DONE.

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