Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New World Bank Risk Management Vision

The World Bank World Development Report, WDR 2014 Massive Online Open Course, MOOC ended 28 July 2014. I completed Individual Feedback in Closure Survey on 27 July 2014. Upon Deeper reflection, I find that low marks in some questions were due to inadequacy of questions as framed, to respond to Lanre et all unique and specific needs for participating in this course – Need for practical solutions to NRM Vision that are interconnected, interdependent and interlinked – INTEGRAL Parts of practical solutions to Final Push to achieve MDGs’ by 2015 and Post 2015 Development Agenda Vision that are INTEGRAL Parts of practical solutions to New End Hunger and Poverty, NEHAP by 2025 and 2030 in Nigeria, Africa, UK, Europe, Argentina, Latin America, US and World Vision.

The overwhelming EVIDENCE is that despite flaws, shortcomings, drawbacks and hindrances on one hand and negative / insulting comments on the other hand; this course has INDEED taken GIANT Positive Steps in the TRANSFORMATION of Sub-national, National and International Development Cooperation System in our World today on Developed Countries, Developing Countries and International Institutions / Foundations sides.

This course has Discovered Tamarattie, despite her conclusion that she has gained NOTHING from this course, her unwillingness to respond to Lanre’s direct questions on this matter, provide EVIDENCE to the contrary. The World Bank has a DUTY to Cultivate, her FULL support, as a True Development Change Champion. If the World Bank is able to do this, and I believe it is achievable should the World Bank reach out to her, she is worth Far more than Double her WEIGHT in GOLD, once she accept to serve as Change Champion in the work towards achieving NRM Vision and related Sub-national, National and International Development Cooperation Visions of each Developed Country, Developing Country, International Institution / Foundation in our World today.

Please recall the picture on Terrorism, Civil Wars and Interstate Wars Shock in Lanre’s Project. Link N9FR9XJ Wiki Join Code    
this coincide with Tamarattie’s contribution – “Your Enemy is your Friend”. Acting on this in Good Faith, Attacking Anonymous became Supporter Anonymous 2. World Leaders as they FIGHT Terrorists need to LEARN from this outcome of this course.

We wish to highlight some Words of Wisdom. As we leave this course, against the background of your experience as Participant, Course Instructor, Course Staff, Course Tech Staff, Coursera Staff, Coursera Tech Staff, please REFLECT Deeply on these Words of Wisdom, and Take Positive Actions on your Assessment in your Day to Day work:-
1.     Your Enemy is your Friend - Timarattie
2.     Evil thrive when Good Men / Women sit down looking on
3.     All huge and complex problems become smaller and simple (not simplistic) to tackle, if you don’t dodge, avoid or evade them; if you don’t rationalize; explain or wish away; if you don’t punish, victimize or demonize Advocates of divergent views.
4.     The 1st Person a Leader must Lead is himself / herself.
5.     He / She who comes to Equity must come with clean hands
6.     A Goldfish has No Hiding Place
7.     Light Always overpower Darkness. Be the Light of the World
8.     World Bank need to Build Neighborhood to Global Assembly of Champions – True Development Change Champions: who are Good Geniuses; Genuine and Committed – Grassroots and Advance Professionals; Trained and Retrained Anti Poverty Fighters
9.     When a Man / Woman’s ways please God, HE makes even his Enemies to be at Peace with him / her
10.                        When you point 1 accusing finger, 4 fingers are pointing back at you
11.                        First take out the LOG in your eye so that you can see clearly to take out the speck in another persons’ eye. The speck in the others eye is from the LOG in your eye.
12.                        How can you claim to LOVE God who you do not see, when you do not LOVE Man / Woman who you see.

Overall World Bank Score from Lanre: EXCELLENT

1.     Excellent start from 80%. Balance account for flaws and failures.
2.     Should World Bank admit its 20% flaws and failures and tackle these based on Deep Reflection on Words of Wisdom above, its INFLUENCE will Significantly Increase and it will be on FAST Track to achieving its Dream of World without Poverty.
3.     80% Old Normal Meaningless because it is Business as Usual
4.     80% New Normal Meaningful because it is Business Unusual

If you require some clarification or additional information, please send email to:-

Lanre Rotimi
International Society for Poverty Elimination, ISPE /
Economic Alliance Group

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