Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Final Push To Achieve MDGs And Create Sustainable Post-2015 Development Agenda 9

As we race to the UN 69th General Assembly, 16 September 2014 where Interim Results of the discussions, online engagement and research inputs summarised into a Global Report will be presented to Member States, as well as the Public, in form of a High Level side event, it is our hope that the Global Report will better address realities of over 100 Million Poor Nigerians, over 300 Million Poor Africans and over 2 Billion Poor Worldwide.

We urge World Leaders to access the good ideas and pertinent suggestions being generated in ongoing PenState Geodesign Massive Open Online Course, MOOC, particularly those on its Discussion Forum Thread focused on Geodesign How Questions; Thread focused on Human Impact; Thread focused on GIS Technology and Thread focused on Human Security as well as Leiden Configuring the World, CtW MOOC particularly on its Discussion Forum Thread focused on CtW How Questions, Thread focused on Sustainable Development, Thread Focused on Globalization and Thread focused on Global Order. 

Please find below 9 September 2014 mail to Leaders of UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform contents of which are self explanatory:-

Dear Leaders of Major Groups,

We have been in continuing constructive engagement of SDKP Team on ways and means through which our Organization could contribute meaningfully to help achieve increasing convergence between Final Push to achieve MDGs’ by 2015 and Post 2015 Development Agenda Vision Intention and Reality.

Please find below recent exchange of mails between SDKP and ISPE / EAG, for the consideration and appropriate Action of the Major Groups Individually and Collectively.

Should any of you require clarification or additional information to take decision on way forward, we are glad to respond to any such enquiry.

God Bless our World.

Yours Sincerely,

Lanre Rotimi
Director General
International Society for Poverty Elimination /
Economic Alliance Group
5, Moses Orimolade Avenue
Ijapo Estate – Akure
Ondo State – Nigeria
West – Africa
M: +2348162469805

On Monday, 8 September 2014, 19:16, SD Knowledge Platform wrote:

Please see below a response to your message with subject "Re: Major Group Membership and Related Matters".
You may respond and see full details of this message by clicking on this link.

Dear Lanre Rotimi,

As I'm sure you can understand, rules are in place to ensure that each organization is treated as equally and fairly as possible. We are not in a position to make any exemptions when it comes to accreditation. With that said, since you have been granted account credentials with which to log onto our website, we encourage you to post the relevant materials mentioned in your previous email for consideration by the Organizing Partners of the Major Groups. The OPs ( listed at the following address: remain your primary point of contact for engaging with Major Groups. You should stay in contact with the relevant Major Group OP to ensure that you are going through the proper channels to engage.

Kind regards,
Division for Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

Note: Please do not respond to this message by return email, as the email inbox is unmonitored. If a response is required, please do so by clicking on the link above.
Visit the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform:

Dear Team,

Thanks for your messages of 4 and 5 September. These responses encourage and inspire us, because you welcome our contribution and recognize the potential of our processes, frameworks and professionals and the positive contribution these could make in the Work towards achieving Dream of World without Hunger and Poverty by 2025 and 2030, thus making our World a much more Safe, Secure, Peaceful and Prosperous place to live, work and raise children, than it is today on both Developed and Developing Countries sides.

We have visited the link and observe that the next Consultative Status application deadline is 1 June 2015 for consideration in 2016 Session and approval could take up to 3 sessions that is 2018. The implication is that it could take up to 2018 before our NGO receive required approval to make contribution to SDG work.

Well our view is that Rules are made for Men. Men are not made for Rules. So Rules can be amended and Rules can have Exception. We are not an NGO. We are an Institution with Members who are NGO, Development Cooperation Consulting Firm, Development Research Organization, Development Cooperation Training Organization, Evaluation Consulting Firm, Attitudinal and Behavioral Change Consulting Firm etc. This explains the positive difference you observe in the Sustainable Development Solutions we put on the table. In registering us, if allowed, in an appropriate Major Group, this fact needs to be taken into consideration.

We have taken fresh critical look at the Major Groups and find that Business and Industry Major Group has rejected us, NGO Major Group may reject us but the Global Partnership for achieving Sustainable Development Cluster is within the Sustainable Development Goals Thematic Clusters Group and the High Level Political Forum and Governance for Sustainable Development Major Group may in fact be the more appropriate Major Group for ISPE / EAG to join, if our request for Exemption is granted.

The Big Issue really is, without prejudice to the assessment already undertaken by each of the existing Major Groups Team and those conducted by UN Headquarters and UN Agencies Teams on Final Push to achieve MDGs’ by 2015 and Post 2015 Development Agenda Initiatives, we crave your indulgence to create a technical Platform to review the usefulness or otherwise of the SDKP Position Papers 1 – 3 and documents on Development Blog and NEHAP Wiki links that we have provided.

It is our hope that after thorough assessment of the submissions by your Team of experts, you may consider any of the following options:-
        1. If the submission is found to be of some value and capable of reinforcing Final Push to achieve MDGs’ by 2015 and Post 2015 Development Agenda, exception could be made for ISPE / EAG to be admitted into relevant Major Group, in time for good ideas and pertinent suggestions set out in the submissions that are acceptable to relevant UN Authorities, to be included in Interim Global Report that will be presented at 69th General Assembly 16 September 2014. The exception could also include mechanism for accommodation of Consortium Partnership of Service Providers with adequate Hard Competencies – Learning and Skills and Soft Competencies – Character, Courage and Mindset operating within effective Global Partnership Platform to design and deliver effective Support Services to all relevant World sustainable Development Stakeholders.
        2. If the ISPE / EAG value proposition however presents nothing new or of added value to the Major Groups, UNDESA, UN Headquarters, UN Agencies – Headquarters, Regional Offices, Country Offices, Sub Country Offices and their Partners on both Developed and Developing Countries sides, ISPE / EAG should be told in clear language and advised how best it would channel its energies much more rewardingly.

In undertaking this assessment, please recognize that “either the UN Headquarters and each UN Agency Headquarters deal with what is reality of Natural Hazard and Unnatural Hazard, Natural Disaster and Unnatural Disaster, NHUHNDUD within its respective Vision, Mission and Mandate or UN Headquarters and each UN Agency Headquarters can be sure that the reality of NHUHNDUD is going to deal with UN Headquarters and each UN Agency Headquarters sooner or later. The 69th UN General Assembly taking decision on Interim Global Report that include most of our ideas and suggestions can take our World from Accelerating on Road to Doom with ultimate catastrophe consequences to accelerating on Road to Boom with ultimate Prosperity consequences. The choice is for relevant UN Authorities to make.

Should your assessment lead you to take option 1 and should relevant UN authorities accept your recommendation and grant us exemption, we are glad to make contribution in Service to Humanity,

Yours sincerely,

Lanre Rotimi

If you require some clarification or additional information, please send email to:-

Lanre Rotimi
International Society for Poverty Elimination, ISPE /
Economic Alliance Group

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