Monday, September 28, 2015

Global Push To Achieve SDGs Vision and Words with Action Agenda 2

In the great work towards achieving increasing convergence between AAAA and SDG Vision and Words with Action Agenda Intention and Reality, in each Community in each Local Government in each of 193 UN Member States; Village to Global AAAA and SDG Stakeholders need to shift focus away from talking and thinking and shift focus towards solutions and action.

The Synthesis Report made several useful recommendations including adopting One Worldwide Approach, adopting Business Unusual Approach etc that are yet to be implemented over 9 months and 10 months after. This should not be the case with UNSDS 2015 Outcome Document.

At ongoing UNSDS 2015,  Mogens Lykketoft, President of the UN General Assembly, noted the need for multi-stakeholder platforms to address the crosscutting and complex nature of the SDGs and to avoid the silos approach. He said the UN’s three pillars, peace, security and development, “are as interconnected as sustainability and development.” Can this statement be operationalized in practice without addressing serious issues of serious business raised in this and earlier article?

There is a Need for Master Multi Stakeholder Platform, MSP driving Coordination, Collaboration and Cooperation within all other MSPs' in each of the 17 SDGs' and operationalizing in practice all Synthesis Report and Data Revolution Report Recommendations as well as AAAA and SDG Vision and Words with Action Agenda Items. Key outcomes of UNSDS 2015 should include:-
1.     Adoption of One Worldwide Approach and Business Unusual Approach.
2.     Endorsement of UNGA Official Status to the Master MSP and all other MSPs'.
3.     Harvesting all good ideas and pertinent suggestions generated from UNSDS 2015 New York and Online into an Outcome Document with Clear Recommendations for full Implementation with effective Monitoring and Evaluation of this Implementation from Village to Global levels in each of 193 Member States.

It is our hope that this type of UNSDS 2015 Outcome Document has been prepared and will be presented to World Leaders, 193 Member States and Participants at 28 September 2015 meeting.

If UNSDS is to be Effective Action and not Empty Talk, then UNSDS Outcome Document should demonstrate and be seen to demonstrate shift from talking and thinking to solutions and action.

To help ensure that this shift occurs, we suggest relevant UN and Non UN authorities undertake critical review of this and earlier article. Should its assessment confirm that indeed the articles have many good ideas and pertinent suggestions, which adopted by UNGA can help achieve increasing convergence between AAAA and SDG Vision and Words with Action Intention and Reality in each Community in each Local Government in each of 193 Member States, we suggest these UN and Non UN authorities consider taking the following specific action steps:-
1.     Endorse the article and request UNNGLS to circulate the endorsed article to all World Leaders, 193 Member States and other Participants attending 28 September meeting.
2.     Underline need for Integrated Sustainable Solutions – Political Solutions, Cultural Solutions, Economic Solutions, Financial Solutions, Social Solutions, Environment Solutions, Peace Solutions, Security Solutions, Religious Solutions and Moral Solutions; to Design and Delivery of each Action Agenda Item in AAAA and SDG applicable to specific Village to Global location context.
3.     Urge all World Leaders, 193 member States and other Participants attending 28 September meeting to recognize that Political Solutions is Master Key to unlocking remaining 9 Integrated Sustainable Solutions.
4.     Urge UNGA to pass resolution calling on each of the 193 Member States to adopt recommendations in the article and go further to establish immediately National Integrated Economic Reform Program, NIEReP for the implementation and evaluation of domesticated AAAA and SDG Vision and Words with Action, aligned with National Development Plan through National Reform Bureau working with Reform Implementation Unit in each Ministry, Department and Agency, whose activities are coordinated by Steering Committee on Reform and National Council on Reform within complimentary Sub-national, National, Sub-regional, Regional and Global Master Multi Stakeholder Partnership Platforms.

If SDG Vision Ambitions are to be achieved and on schedule date, Village to Global Stakeholders need to Work Together to Benefit Together.

The World WE Want Platform, TWWWP is a very sophisticated Instrument / Tool. We commend the UN for making this Instrument / Tool available. TWWWP Technical Support, we have translated this and earlier Blog article into 6 UN Official Languages and observe that Viewer Discussion is in Silos in each of the 6 Languages. Is there a Tool for ensuring that a Viewer in One Language can View Discussion in remaining 5 Languages? If this Tool does not yet exist can it be 

The momentum built by Final Push to achieve MDG by 2015 and Post 2015 Development Agenda need to be stepped up to be next level and not diminished. We need a Global Push to achieve AAAA and SDG Vision and Words with Action Agenda by 2030, that is, a Global Movement taking the Final Push to the Next level. We need a Roadmap to Paris that delivers SDG Vision and Words with Action. We need a Global Movement that ensures all Communities in each Local Government in each of 193 Member States achieve SDG Goals and Targets by 2030. We need World Leaders to deliver on their Promise. We urge World Leaders to recognize that all relevant arrangements cannot be left to happen on their own, they need to be discussed, negotiated and established and on time.

Will World Leaders fail over 2 Billion World Poor...?

There are Bright Prospects of success, if the right thing is done at the right time.

God Bless UN Family Organization.

God Bless our World.

If you require some clarification or additional information, please send email to:-

Lanre Rotimi
Director General
International Society for Poverty Elimination, ISPE /
Economic Alliance Group

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