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#endfulanimenace Campaign 3


Statement by Lanre Rotimi, ISPE / EAG,
Ondo State NUJ Democracy Day Lecture 30, May 2016

“Herdsmen Attacks Farmers:  PMB Implement Nigeria Rescue Mission that Work”

In his 2016 Democracy Day Speech, President Buhari highlighted progress fighting Boko Hara, and strongly warned Niger Delta Avengers but maintained deafening silence on Fulani Herdsmen menace. If Mr. President allow himself to be branded Fulani President rather than Nigeria President, this can only worsen the complexity of the National Challenges and National Crises the Buhari Administration is grappling with. Why is President Buhari openly defending atrocities and criminality of his tribesmen and making his Governance burden heavier?

My name is Lanre Rotimi and I am honored to make this Statement on the topic of “Herdsmen Attacks Farmers: PMB Implement Nigeria Rescue Mission that Work” on behalf of the International Society for Poverty Elimination / Economic Alliance Group, New End Hunger and Poverty, NEHAP Initiative, NEHAP Agriculture Revolution and NEHAP Cooperative Multipurpose Societies for Agriculture – Crops, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry Agriculture Business Workers, Owners, Investors, Suppliers and Advisers.

We congratulate the Chairman, Executives and Members of Ondo State NUJ for focusing “Herdsmen Attacks Farmers” as Theme for their 2016 Democracy Day Lecture and selecting Otunba Gani Adams as Lead Speaker. 

The Press needs to lead Nigerians to distinguish between PMB Body Language promoting discipline and honesty that should be commended and PMB Body Language promoting atrocities and criminality that must be condemned.

PMB Democracy Day Speech that omitted policy direction of his government towards finding lasting solution to Fulani Herdsmen Menace is fresh evidence that PMB Body Language promoting atrocities and criminality needs to STOP immediately, if PMB is genuinely interested in promoting and protecting National Interest. Otherwise, the ultimate consequences for PMB and indeed Nigeria and over 170 million Nigerians could be catastrophic.

PMBs’ good points including Body Language as Force for Good must be commended and celebrated. PMBs’ Body Language as Force for Evil must be contained and condemned. As all Great Men have Great Weaknesses, Nigerians will be putting Nigeria in harm’s way, if the Press does not spotlight urgent need to effectively manage PMBs’ Weaknesses, including Body Language as Force for Evil.

Let us be clear; as long as we keep calling spade, hand tool, we will continue to reject the fact that a rose by whatever name called remain a rose. We must recognize the fact that Fulani Leaders know Fulani Herdsmen have no regard for Authority and the Right of other Nigerians; that the only known Organized Private Sector among Pastoralists are Fulani Herdsmen; that to the Ordinary Nigerian Fulani Herdsmen is Generic Name for Fulani, Bororo, Hausa, Egbira etc Pastoralists; that Fulani constitute over 80% of these Ethnic Pastoralists; that Fulani Pastoralists Rights Stop Where Rights of other Nigerians – including Farmers Start; that Fulani Livestock is their Farm Business and Farmers Crops is their Farm Business; that Fulani Herdsmen in Protecting their Farm Business CANNOT Destroy with IMPUNITY the Farm Business of other Nigerians.

It appears President Buhari, Police and Military High Command did not weight the implication of admitting publicly, even to the international media that Herdsmen rampaging across all States in the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria are Foreigners and that ECOWAS Protocol allow free entry into Nigeria. First, ECOWAS Protocol cannot demand that a Country freely allow Criminals into their Country who attack their Citizens at will, with impunity and without check. If any such ECOWAS Protocol exists, Nigeria under President Buhari MUST take urgent Steps to CHANGE such Protocol.

Secondly, the Nigerian President – a General of Generals is admitting that His Police, Military and Para Military Agencies including Immigration High Command are Grossly Incompetent or engaged in Grand Corruption and so they are looking on Helpless and Powerless as Foreigners – Criminals spread Blood and Tears across Nigeria. Clearly, such dirty linen should not be washed in the public by a President with his pedigree.

We are dealing with Governance Systems Failure. Governments must recognize that Fulani Menace is Grand Corruption – Pure and Simple. It is incomprehensible that Buhari Administration that claim to the Fighting Corruption, can be comatose and powerless Fighting Fulani Menace that is virtually All Embracing and All Inclusive of Commonly Occurring Forms of Corruption – Abuse of Power, Intimidation, Torture; Perversion of Justice, Criminal Behavior, Fake Evidence, Unlawful Detention, Frame Ups; Bribery and Graft, Extortion; Unauthorized Use of Public Office and Public Property; Manipulation of Regulations; Influence Peddling, Favor Brokering, Conflicts of Interest; Link with Organized Crime; Cronyism, Cover Ups; Illegal Surveillance etc.

Yes, Civil Servants and Security Agencies “Some of the Time” ignore or partially comply with Presidential Written and or Verbal Directives. However, Civil Servants and Security Agencies “All of the Time” COMPLY Fully with Presidential Written and or Verbal Directives that is backed by Clear and Urgent SIGNAL, because they know full well that sanction for sabotage will be prompt and grievous. Is lack of such Clear and Urgent SIGNAL not one of the reasons Fulani Menace is getting worse rather than abating?

Again, let us be clear – should Government continue to look on and allow Fulani Menace to become full blown at this time that nerves of other Nigerians are raw from Petrol Increases and other Economic Hardships, it could just the next Fulani Herdsmen Attack that would ignite National Challenge and Crisis that make Boko Haram Childs’ Play. Therefore, if Fulani Menace is not to DESTROY Nigeria while President Buhari looks on; Nigeria MUST DESTROY Fulani Menace with PMB as Chief Champion. Please NOTE that there is Difference between Destroying Fulani Menace which is Urgently Needed and Destroying Fulani that No One in His / Her Right Senses is Advocating for.

Destroying Fulani Menace is #endfulanimenace and calls for Nigeria Rescue Mission that Works Driven by recognition of the fact that the Fulani Menace underline root problems of Agriculture, Security, Development, Diplomacy, Peace, Climate Change, Culture, Governance, Accountability, Transparency, Justice, Corruption, Terrorism, Slavery, Law, Order, Sanctions Enforcement, Citizens Participation and Nigeria Factor. These are complex issues that demand strategic, tactical and professional response. The reality is that very few Consultants anywhere in our World today have the Hard Competences: Learning and Skills and Soft Competences: Character, Courage and Mindset to effectively support Governments, Farmers, Herdsmen, Security Agencies, Judiciary and their Partners in the work towards finding sustainable solutions, fully implementing these solutions with effective monitoring and evaluation of this implementation.

This is where Civil Society Organizations like OPC come in. Firstly, OPC must recognize that they have derailed from their Original Vision of Defending the Rights of Ethnic Yorubas’. Secondly, a Reformed and Reunited OPC should metamorphose from Ethnic Militia into Civilian Task Force focused on Promoting and Protecting Justice Access, Community Policing, Ending Hunger, Ending Poverty and Ending Corruption issues in the South West Zone as it affects all Peoples – Citizens and Residents in the Zone.

It is clear that things are really bad in our Country today; that it is Security Agencies – Police, Military, Para Military and Intelligence including their Civilian Task Force such as OPC; Journalists – Print, Radio, Television and Online and Development Cooperation Consultants with required minimum levels of Hard and Soft Competences that can help the Buhari Administration to Design and Deliver National Rescue Mission that works to find lasting solutions to Fulani Menace, Nigeria Factor and related real and complex Nigeria Sustainable Development Problems on the ground at each Community in each of 774 LGAs; 36 States, FCT, 6 Zones, National and International levels.

Garba Shehu said on NTA last Night that PMB looked Nigerians in the face and told us to swallow bitter pill of Petrol Price increase. Nigerians Complied. Nigerians in turn should look PMB in the face and DEMAND he swallow bitter pill of ending Body Language as Force for Evil. PMB should reciprocate by complying. Also it is in PMB’s enlightened self interest that he comply and without delay. All who genuinely love PMB – Fulanis and Non Fulanis; Nigerians and Non Nigerians within and beyond the shores of Nigeria who have unrestricted access to PMB should persuade and if necessary PRESSURE PMB to comply with this DEMAND. The future of the Buhari Presidency and indeed Nigeria could depend on whether or not PMB comply with this DEMAND and on time.

ACTION TIME: Everyone in this room: Please assume you are One on One with PMB and PMB is the Next Person to you. 1 Tap the Person 2. Then say after me: PMB: Fulani Menace is Real; Stop Looking On; #endfulanimenace NOW.

To Kick Start, we have copies of letter to PMB through DSS hand delivered on 17 March 2016 setting out sustainable solutions for #endfulanimenace that Buhari Administration seem to have ignored and yet have not set out alternative comprehensive solutions. Let the Press lead the Way and OPC continue to PUT on the Front Burner in the National Arena – Urgent Need for PMB to clearly answer this BIG QUESTION: Where is the Problem – Is it on DSS side – State Director did not pass letter to DG DSS? – let her provide evidence as to when letter left Akure or DG DSS did not pass letter to PMB? – let him provide evidence when letter was forwarded to State House. Is it on State House side – President Office did not pass letter to PMB or PMB did not act on the letter?

This country belongs to all Nigerians – Fulani Herdsmen, Farmers and other Nigerians. If PMB lead all Nigerians to effectively demonstrate the letters and spirit of our National Anthem and National Pledge in the Public and Private lives of each Nigerian – Elders, Men, Women, Youth and Children, AMAZING TRANSFORMATION would occur before our very eyes, the Nigeria Dream would be achieved and Nigeria would take her rightful place in the Comity of Nations.

God is READY to help us if PMB, Fulani Herdsmen, Farmers, Security Agencies, Judiciary, Media and other Nigerians are Ready to Help themselves.

We thank you for the privileged to address this gathering and Pray that the Nigeria Dream will be Reality in the lifetime of this Generation and the Touch will be passed on for Generations. Happy 2016 Democracy Day. God Bless you. God Bless Nigeria.


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