Tuesday, October 3, 2017

#endfulanimenace Campaign 4

View Point on Sustainable Solutions to 
Fulani Herdsmen Menace     
by Mr. Lanre Rotimi, Director, New End Hunger, Malnutrition and Poverty, NEHMAP Initiative.
3 October 2017.

The Fulani Herdsmen Menace is the Biggest Corruption in Nigeria today. It is a Time Bomb, which allowed to explode, shall make Boko Haram child’s play.

President Buhari upon assumption of office to date – over 29 months, has paid lip service to tackling Fulani Herdsmen Menace, his latest effort being his 57 Independence Day Speech. This explains why Fulani Herdsmen continue spreading deaths and tears with impunity across Nigeria, with Security Agencies and the Media essentially sitting by looking on, as Nigeria race to irreversibility point, when not if the Time Bomb explode – if required levels of remedial action is not taken and on time.

We are aware of the spirited effort, from 17 March 2016 to date, by a Group of Patriotic Nigerian Professionals, to sell their Blueprint of Sustainable Solutions to Fulani Herdsmen Menace within a Nigeria Rescue Mission that Work to prevent Time Bomb explosion, to the Buhari Administration. This Blueprint built upon Sound Analysis and Correct Diagnosis, Correct Prescription, Correct Surgery and Correct Recovery Management to root cause or primary cause real and complex Fulani Herdsmen Menace and other National Political, Economic, Religious etc problems on the ground in each Community, in  each of the 774 LGs, in each of the 36 States and FCT, National and International levels, is potent Medicine to Cure Nigeria Disease and not treat Nigeria Symptoms, as the Buhari Administration and past Administrations since Independence in 1960 to date, have essentially been doing at National level. The Blueprint was sent via the Group’s Letter of 16 March 2016 delivered to DSS Ondo State on 17 March 2016, for submission to President Buhari, by Director General DSS.

Ordinarily this type of Important Letter, properly addressed to Mr. President, raising National Security: Serious Issues of Serious Business Demanding the Serious Attention of Mr. President, ought to be delivered by DSS within 48 hours and Mr. President recognizing that the contents are in Urgent National Interest ought to have invited the Group within 48 hours, for Clarification and additional information he may require, to adopt / adapt the Blueprint Recommendations for Implementation.

Mr. President has not done this and Fulani Herdsmen Menace has gotten worse in the past 18 months since the Letter was submitted to DSS. Is this not fresh evidence that Mr. President is Corrupt?

On behalf of about 120 Million Poor Nigerians, over 110 Million of whom are yet to be served by the Buhari Administration, we at NEHMAP Initiative demand:-
1.      President Buhari schedule Emergency Extraordinary Meeting, EEM that is expanded Council of States Meeting, within next 2 weeks, with Participants including: Leadership Senate, Judiciary, House of Representatives; High Command – Army, Navy, Air Force, Military Intelligence, DSS, NIA, Police, NCSDC; Trustees National Council Traditional Rulers of Nigeria; Leadership Muslim Missions, Leadership Christian Missions etc: to discuss the Blueprint, Nigeria Rescue Mission and Nigeria’s Future in 21st Century World.
2.      Mr. President should tell Nigerians, if DSS did not deliver the Group’s Letter and what Sanctions have been imposed on relevant DSS Officials or Apologize to Nigerians, if the Group’s Letter was indeed delivered by DSS on time but he took no ACTION.

DSS, Police, other Security Agencies, Journalists and other Nigerians can no longer be intimidated by President Buhari, if Nigeria is to find Sustainable Solutions to her real and complex Hydra Headed problems on the ground that can’t be wished away. We call on Nigeria Media to publish the Group’s 16 March 2016 Letter to President Buhari and Paper Presented by the Group at Democracy Day Lecture on 30 May 2016 organized by Ondo State NUJ which received loud applause but was never published / broadcasted by any of the Media Houses present.

We further call on the Ekiti State Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose haven stepped up from Defender of Ekiti Masses to Defender of Nigeria Masses and Eminent Nigerian Patriots: Legal Luminaries, Emeritus Professors and Distinguished Professionals in 6 Geopolitical Zones to put their weight behind the above demands to President Buhari.

War on Corruption, the overarching point in President Buhari’s 57 Independence Day Speech, cannot be fought and won on successful and sustainable basis in Nigeria, as long as President Buhari continue Lip Service and Selective Approach. A Comprehensive Approach including Multi Stakeholder Platforms / Partnerships, MSPs Driving Mass Mobilization for Social Justice and Economic Growth and related Mass Mobilizations, such as the Comprehensive Approach set out in the Group’s Blueprint is urgently needed.  The issues involved and consequences of failure to Win War on Corruption in Nigeria are too important for matters to be left entirely in the hands of President Buhari and so we urge Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose and Nigeria Eminent Persons, including Traditional Rulers and Religious Leaders, to please Speak Out for Masses before Fulani Herdsmen Menace and ongoing Agitations Time Bomb explode.

God Bless Nigeria.                                                Contact: nehap.initiative@yahoo.co.uk

PS. Statement by Lanre Rotimi, ISPE / EAG, Ondo State NUJ Democracy Day Lecture 30, May 2016 titled “Herdsmen Attacks Farmers:  PMB Implement Nigeria Rescue Mission that Work”


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