Saturday, July 12, 2014

Final Push To Achieve MDGs And Create Sustainable Post-2015 Development Agenda 4

The ECOSOC Meetings 30 June – 11 July has ended. In the days ahead we will know whether or not the Final Push series of Posts had Positive Influence on the many that read from the US, UK and across the World. We will also know if it had any Influence on the ongoing World Bank Development, WDR 2014 Massive Open Online Course, MOOC – Participants, Course Staff, WDR 2014 Team and World Bank Group, WBG Executive Management and Governing Council. 

We expected much from the WDR MOOC Google Hangout of 11 July 2014 and got very little – more of same unstructured and unorganized discussions ongoing in all Threads in WDR MOOC Discussion Forum, except the Open and Private Threads authored by Lanre. This is very sad.

Transmission failure underline urgent need for WBG / UN Headquarters to address issues relating to provision of low cost, effective and efficient Video Conference Technology supporting tens of millions of participants from up to 200 countries across the World linking up to specific live Video Interview.

It will be recalled that moments before Video started running, someone asked for the Structure of the Discussion. Had Discussants prepared well for the Interview, all issues raised in Lanre’s Comment on Week 1 Summary Thread, will have been effectively addressed as basis for selecting from Pool of Questions, if necessary reframing the selected Questions, to ensure that in the 1 hour scheduled for the Interview, WDR 2014 MOOC Participants get Value for Time Invested that help to better Organize, Orientate and Discipline them to Gain more Competencies in the work towards helping to achieve increasing convergence between World Bank New Risk Management Vision Intention and Reality in their Family, Community, Institution, Government, Region and our World.

Take the discussion on Corruption that Lanre stumbled into after You Tube crashed due to serial transmission failure (did Interview actually go for over 3 hours? If yes, is this good Time Management? A point he raised before final crash). It was simplistic – Countries not Fighting Corruption Retrogressing. Countries Fighting Corruption Progressing. This is Meaningless. How does this help Fight Corruption in Nigeria?  Yes Nigeria is Top on List of Bribe Takers. Is US and UK not Top on List of Bribe Givers. Can there be Bribe Takers if there are no Bribe Givers? Is Distress in US Local Governments; State Governments and National Government not due to US Political Corruption, Economic Corruption and Social Corruption? Is World Bank Group not Aiding Corruption in Nigeria? We did not see how the discussion help find practical answers to these real and complex Corruption problems on the ground. Did anyone see such answers?

The World Delay or deny Correct Answers to Corruption Root problems at the Risk of Peril of our Fragile Planet. The longer fundamental issues we have consistently raised from Week 1 to date and beyond are ignored by WBG Leaders and World Leaders, the closer our World slide to Catastrophe.

WBG really need to Wake Up and make up its mind to determine if this WDR 2014 MOOC Overarching Aim is to teach the type of New Risk Management Intervention it is interested in or to teach the type of New Risk Management Intervention in the interest of Sustainable Solutions to real and Complex Root problems within current and Post 2015 Development Agenda in all Developed Countries, Developing Countries and International Institutions in our World today.

Should WBG by its Actions and In-Actions Choose the former, by all means let this MOOC continue with Business as Usual. However, should WBG Choose the later, then this MOOC needs to move forward with Business Unusual. To DO this, the Course Staff – Kyla, other Instructors, Technical Staff that have interacted with Participants thus far; Course Staff that are in the Back Room and Engine Room; other WDR 2014 Team Members – particularly those in WBG Executive Management; other WBG Executive Management and Governing Council need to ACCEPT that they – Individually and Collectively NEED Help of Professionals like Lanre and Institutions like International Society for Poverty Elimination / Economic Alliance Group.

As in the WDR MOOC Game, Research / Evidence has shown that Time is Running out to Build Protection and make Connections in the 2 Weeks remaining to the end of the Course, if WBG is to Effectively and Efficiently Pilot its New Risk Management Vision to avoid or survive without Damage from inevitable HIT, this helping to achieve increasing convergence between Current and Post 2015 Development Agenda Goals and Targets Intention and Reality.

If you require some clarification or additional information, please send email to:-

Lanre Rotimi
International Society for Poverty Elimination, ISPE /
Economic Alliance Group

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