Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Final Push To Achieve MDGs And Create Sustainable Post-2015 Development Agenda 3

As World Leaders ongoing UN ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) High Level Political Forum, HLPF 30 June – 9 July ; Annual Ministerial Review, AMR 8 July – 9 July and Development Cooperation Forum, DCF – 10 July – 11 July; draw to a close, it is our hope that the World Leaders have accessed the good ideas and pertinent suggestions being generated in ongoing World Development Report, WDR 2014 Massive Open Online Course, MOOC, particularly those on its Discussion Forum New End Hunger and Poverty, NEHAP Pilot Program – Participant Project Thread (Open) and Evidence and Ending World Hunger and Poverty Thread (Private).

The Acid Test of Credibility of WDR 2014 MOOC is How it Delivers Solutions effectively tackle real and complex:-
1.     Risk Management Root problems
2.     End Hunger and Poverty by 2025 and 2030 Root problems
3.     Aid Effectiveness and Post 2015 Development Agenda Root problems
4.     Governance and Globalization Working for the World Poor Root problems
5.     Creating Learning Society Root problems
6.     Creating Development Change Champions Root problems
7.     Building National and Global Collective Action Driving TRANSFORMATION of Society Root problems
on the ground from Neighbourhood to Global levels facing Individuals, Institutions and Governments (all arms and all tiers in all countries – developed and developing) in our World today.

The same 7 Points forms the Acid Test of UN ECOSOC HLPF, AMR and DCF.

National and International Lafia Positive Development Change Movement for Lifting Billions of World Poor in both Developed and Developing Countries above Hunger and Poverty Line by 2025 and 2030 is a necessary condition for achieving increasing convergence between World Bank New Risk Management Vision Intention and Reality in ways that ensure UN ECOSOC Pass this Acid Test of Credibility.


Lafia Movement at Each: Family, Neighborhood, Community, Local Government, State Government and National Government levels, in each Developed and Developing Country in our World today.


Lafia Movement at Each: of the 7 Sub-Regions identified in WDR 2014 Report – OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Countries for over 40 years) EAP (East Asia and Pacific); ECA (Europe and Central Asia); LAC (Latin America and Caribbean); MENA (Middle East and North Africa); SAR (South Asia); SSA (Sub-Sahara Africa); 5 Continents; Commonwealth and World levels

We strongly urge World Leaders at the ongoing ECOSOC Meetings to take Decision in favour of:-
1. Starting the National Lafia Movement Immediately in each Developed and Developing Country in our World today.
2. Starting the International Lafia Movement Immediately in each Sub-Region, Region, Commonwealth and World levels.
3. Nurturing and Sustaining the National and International Lafia Movements in ways that help achieve increasing convergence between Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda Vision Intention and Reality.

It is our hope that World Leaders and Leaders of all other relevant Stakeholder Groups – Families, Communities, Enterprises, Banks etc will support the National and International Lafia Movements through Guarding and Guiding them to help Build New National and International Institutional Order – Political, Economic, Social, Security, Cultural and Religious Order that help achieve World Bank New Risk Management Vision and Post 2015 Development Agenda Vision.

However, should opportunity to have the WDR 2014 MOOC ideas and suggestions positively influence outcome of the 3 ECOSOC Meetings be lost, leading to failure to Pass the Acid Test, can ECOSOC afford to fail this Acid Test? Will ECOSOC not be letting down Billions of World Poor they claim to serve, with possible catastrophic consequences for our World should ECOSOC fail this Acid Test? 

If you require some clarification or additional information, please send email to:-

Lanre Rotimi
International Society for Poverty Elimination, ISPE /
Economic Alliance Group

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