Thursday, May 21, 2015

Final Push To Achieve MDGs And Create Sustainable Post-2015 Development Agenda 12

We have read the document on preliminary impressions on follow up and review by the co-facilitators of the ongoing Post 2015 Intergovernmental Negotiations. We thank the co-facilitators and support staff for work done. 

The fundamental issues being raised in this 18 - 22 May Summit as well as 26 - 27 May Summit are interlinked, interconnected and interdependent.

It will be recalled that the Data Revolution Report was released on 6 November 2014 and the Synthesis Report was released on 4 December 2014. Had all relevant sub-national, national, regional and global stakeholders been effectively mobilized by the UN to focus on continuing improvement in coordination, cooperation and collaboration towards full implementation of all ideas and recommendations in the two reports as well as the effective monitoring and evaluation of this implementation, the work of the two summits would have been made much easier.

It is not helpful to continue to work harder doing the same old things in the same old ways and expect different outcome. The Declaration Document issued at the end of the two summits should create Platforms for these stakeholders to work SMARTer doing new things in new ways and achieving better results on successful and sustainable basis. To help nudge the process forward we wish to respond to some of the points made by the co-facilitators:-
1. Point 3 - The issue of agreeing terminology is important but more important is the issue of agreeing Common Approach such as the One Worldwide Approach suggested in the Synthesis Report as well as Common Definitions for Goals, Indicators, Targets, Advocacy, True Development etc.

2. Point 5 - Broad agreement has been secured on what HLPF needs to do. The Big Question is How will HLPF deliver on this responsibility in ways that help achieve increasing convergence between SDG / MDG 2 Vision Intention and Reality? Can HLPF deliver on its responsibilities if Data Revolution Report How questions, Synthesis Report How questions as well as How questions in related current and future Reports are not effectively and efficiently answered?

3. Point 7 - Can the issue of Accountability Mechanism be effectively addressed if fundamental issues of Technical Solutions, Political Solutions, Funding Solutions and Spiritual Solutions to full implementation of Data Revolution Report, Synthesis Report and related Reports are not found?

4. Point 9 - The relationship between GA, ECOSOC and HLPF. There is an need to improve coordination, cooperation and collaboration between them in ways that reinforce and reinvigorate pro poor institutional reforms and pro poor economic growth at sub-national, national, regional and global levels in each of the 193 UN Member Countries.

5. Point 22 - How much detail to include in summit outcome document. The summit needs to be guided to come up with practical solutions to real and complex problems on the ground facing each MDG / SDG / MDG 2 Stakeholder and this will involve effectively addressing fundamental issues of Diagnosis, Prescription, Surgery and Recovery Management.

Should the points be well received and additional information or clarification be required, we are glad to provide same.

On next week's summit, we have read the Concept Note. With just 5 minutes for Member State Speakers and 2 minutes for CSO / Private Sector Speakers, only a fraction of what needs to be said can be said. Some Speakers may chose to respond to General Issues and not specific issues allotted to the Roundtable discussion he / she has been invited to make presentation. Also, all issues regarding this week's summit raised above apply to next week's summit.

If invited we are willing to make a Submission that address both Specific and General issues raised in the Concept Note.

We wish the UN and other participants successful deliberations. We pray that the outcome documents of the two summits mark turning point in the great work towards achieving increasing convergence between Final Push to achieve MDG by 2015 and Post 2015 Development Agenda Vision Intention and Reality.

If you require some clarification or additional information, please send email to:-

Lanre Rotimi
International Society for Poverty Elimination, ISPE /
Economic Alliance Group

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