Thursday, June 25, 2015

Final Push To Achieve MDGs And Create Sustainable Post-2015 Development Agenda 13

The Pledge that “No One will be left behind” suggest the SDG will be “All Inclusive, All Embracing and Ambitious” and will be “People Centred”. This underline urgent need for “One Worldwide Approach” recommended in the Synthesis Report to be selected without delay. Implementing SDG in practice should help Overhaul Decayed Sub-national, National and International Systems; Link Disconnect between what is happening at UN Headquarters New York with what is happening in Local Communities in each of the 193 UN Member States and Fill Gaps in Policy, Program, Project Interventions in each of the 17 / 21 SDG.

It is pertinent to note that How questions were not answered in Synthesis Report released 4 December 2014 and Data Revolution Report released 6 November 2014. 

This is one of the major reasons why 6 / 7 months after issues already addressed in these two important Reports are still causing division among Stakeholders in the Post 2015 and FfD Processes. This act of omission or commission needs to be avoided through delivery of Post 2015 and FfD Outcome Documents that answer How questions and in ways that effectively address how governments will constructively engage with all relevant stakeholders at subnational, national and international levels in the implementation of the Action Agenda in each of the 17 / 21 SDG.

It is pertinent to note further that critical principles of “Transparency, Accountability and Participation, TAP; Evaluation, Learning and Results, ELR and Means of Implementation, MOI as One” needs to be deployed within “One Worldwide Approach with “Local Context if above issues are to be addressed in ways that ensure increasing convergence between Final Push to achieve MDG by 2015 and Post 2015 Development Agenda Vision Intention and Reality.

Please find link to Statement by ISPE / EAG including specific text suggestions for the Post 2015 Outcome Document.

If you require some clarification or additional information, please send email to:-

Lanre Rotimi
International Society for Poverty Elimination, ISPE /
Economic Alliance Group

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