Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#endfulanimenace Campaign 1

The New End Hunger and Poverty, NEHAP Program is an Initiative of International Society for Poverty Elimination / Economic Alliance Group, ISPE / EAG aimed at promoting Spirit of Enterprise as Antidote to Poverty through implementing Agriculture Revolution Program that is productive and profitable for putting food at affordable prices in the stomach of our people, particularly the poor and money in their pocket.

The Fulani Cattle Destroying Crops Menace is a serious Challenge that needs to be Professionally tackled if the entire Crop Farming System in Nigeria is not to collapse, with attendant expected and unexpected consequences, if urgent remedial ACTION is not take by all concerned authorities and on time.

There is a need for Correct Diagnosis of all root Agriculture, Security, Justice and Corruption problems on the ground as specific to each affected Community as basis for Design and Delivery of Correct Prescription, Surgery and Recovery Management: Policy, Program, Project Interventions, 3PIs and 3PIs Training as One.

Our study finding is that Peaceful Demonstration to secure the full personal and official support of President Buhari and Buhari Administration is the ONLY way forward. This is the ONLY way to ensure that properly calibrated Carrot and Stick Mechanism is deployed. Frankly without a Measure of Force to Back Institutionalization of Law and Order, the Fulani Herdsmen (a single name for Multiple Pastoralists with diverse Organizational Structure) and their Political Leaders are incapable of DOING the Right thing because their Long Standing Attitude, Behavior and Culture is to have No Regard for Authority or the Right of other Nigerians.

However, His Highness the Regent of Aiyede Ogbese has suggested a Meek Approach rather than a Militant Approach. In respecting this suggestion that she is ACTIVELY working upon, the Affected Farmers Consultative Meeting on 29 February 2016 at Aiyede Ogbese decided to put on hold arrangements to hold a Peaceful Demonstration. We perceive that it is not either or Meek Approach and Militant Approach but both Meek Approach and Militant Approach that could yield Sustainable Solutions to Fulani Menace that is WIN – WIN for both Fulani Herdsmen and Crop Farmers.

Please find below some Placard Messages that could be used for Online #endfulanimenace Campaign as well as Peaceful Demonstration if or when such becomes glaring as requirement for securing full personal and official support of President Buhari and Buhari Administration:-

1.     Fulani Menace: Enough is Enough
2.     Acid Test Buhari War on Corruption: Lasting Solution to Fulani Impunity
3.     PMB: Are U Turning Blind Eye to Fulani Herdsmen Crime Because they are Fulani?
4.     Fulani Herdsmen Rights STOP Where Rights of other Nigerians’ START
5.     Buhari Presidency, Call Fulani Herdsmen to ORDER B$ They BURN Nigeria
6.     Is Buhari Presidency Pretending NOT to Know Fulani Herdsmen are Above D Law?
7.     Fulani Menace: PMB Tackle Root Problems of Agric, Security, Justice and Corruption
8.     PMB: Kill Fulani Menace Cancer B4 Fulani Menace Cancer Kill Nigeria
9.     Can Agric Revolution succeed without Lasting Solution to Fulani Menace?
10. Why have Law Enforcement Agencies not Punished any Fulani for Crime Committed?
11.  Fulani Menace: Crop Farmers PUSHED to the Wall. Don’t Wait for them to REACT.
12.  Fulani Menace: Reject Ordered Change; Make Disordered Change Inevitable
13.  PMB: STOP Fulani Herdsmen Menace
14. PMB: STOP Fulani Herdsmen Impunity
15.  PMB: STOP Fulani Herdsmen Killing Crop Farmers
16.  PMB: STOP Fulani Herdsmen Destroying Farmers Crops
17.  PMB: Why are U Protecting Fulani Herdsmen?
18.  Fulani cannot use their Farm to Destroy the Farms of other Nigerians
19.  PMB: STOP Fulani Herdsmen B4 Fulani Herdsmen Destroy Nigeria
20.  PMB: Fulani Impunity is Grand Corruption
21.  PMB: STOP Fulani Herdsmen Corrupting Police
22.  PMB: Crop Farmers Crying 4 Justice
23.  PMB: Don’t U Care about Crop Farmers Debts, Misery and Deaths from Fulani?
24.   PMB: Why U ignore TV Reports and Commentaries on Fulani Menace?
25.  PMB: Why U ignore Radio Reports and Commentaries on Fulani Menace?
26.  PMB: Why U ignore Newspaper Reports and Editorials on Fulani Menace?
27.  PMB: Are Fulani Herdsmen Untouchable in Buhari Administration?
28.  PMB: Is there separate Law for Fulani Herdsmen?
29.  PMB: Why is Police fearing Fulani Herdsmen?
30.  PMB: Why is Police favoring Fulani Herdsmen?
31.  PMB: Why are Magistrates not Jailing Guilty Fulani Herdsmen?
32.  PMB: Why are U turning blind eye to Crop Farmers Cries?
33.  Crop Farmers to PMB: Save our Souls NOW
34.  Crop Farmers to PMB: May Day! May Day !! May Day!!!
35.  PMB: Fulani Menace is Height of Indiscipline
36.  PMB: Fulani Menace is Height of Impunity
37.  PMB: Fulani Menace is Height of Injustice
38.  PMB: Fulani Menace is Height of Indifference
39.  PMB: Fulani Menace underline Intelligence System Decay
40.  PMB: Fulani Menace underline Police System Decay
41.  PMB: Fulani Menace underline Justice System Decay
42.  PMB: Fulani Menace underline Development System Decay
43.  PMB: Fulani Menace underline Peace System Decay
44.  PMB: Fulani Menace THREAT to Buhari Administration Agriculture Revolution
45.  PMB: Fulani Menace THREAT to National Peace
46.  PMB: Fulani Menace THREAT to National Security
47.  PMB: Fulani Menace THREAT to National Economy
48. PMB: Modern Livestock Farming in Nigeria worth over N3 Trillion annually 
49.  PMB: Ensure Fulani Herdsmen PAY FULL Compensation to Crop Farmers
50.  PMB: Ensure Fulani Herdsmen STOP Destroying Farmers Crops
51.  PMB: Ensure Fulani Herdsmen Practice Modern Livestock Farming
52.  PMB: Ensure High Level Political Forum on Fulani Menace established Immediately
53.  PMB: Establish Joint Action Committee on Fulani & Farmers Conflict Resolution

NEHAP FCSF Slogan: “Let us work together to benefit together”, “Kajo Se Kajo Je”.

We invite you to please join us to make #endfulanimenace National and International Campaign a huge success to the Glory of God and benefit of Humanity. For Participation, Support, Collaboration or to give ideas, seek clarification or make enquiry, please:



Email:           Mobile: 08162469805

1 March 2016.

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